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DSC03345We prune trees for many different reasons.  Elevating head clearance for a wiffle game, reducing the crown to separate from gutters or house drop wires, for better fruit production.  The most common reason for pruning is to clean a tree canopy of dead limbs.  Dead limb pruning can be done all times of the calendar year.  A true master of their craft can prune trees regardless of the leaves on or off the tree.  Know the proper timing of the services you provide and you are a professional.  The most important approach to pruning is knowing where to make the final cut and why.  At Keiling Tree Care we prune to industry standards to ensure your tree is taken care of properly and will thrive for years to come.

Having your trees pruned and trimmed can increase the tree's life expectancy and also reduces any chances of the branches breaking or even the failure and death of your tree. The most common tree maintenance procedure is pruning and it can be very beneficial. The fact that it is such a common practice many tend to overlook how important the practice actually is. If you take a look at the trees growing naturally in the forests, you will notice that mother nature takes care of any pruning or trimming that may be necessary. It is a different environment in many ways, trees growing in urban areas and environments, like Central New Jersey, require more attention from us humans. Pruning and trimming is actually essential for trees growing in urban areas.

Pruning is crucial in order to maintain the structural integrity and to better the aesthetics and this practice must be done by an individual who understands the physiology and biology of the trees. Pruning a tree incorrectly can have the opposite effect, instead of extending and bettering the trees life you end up with a change in the growth pattern of the tree or even worse it can be killed.

If you live in the Central New Jersey area, Keiling Tree Care is the company to reach out to for all of your tree pruning and trimming needs. The trees health and care is the number one thing on this company's mind. Before any pruning or work is done to the tree an Arborist comes out to examine the trees crown and identify the branches that need care, pruning or removal. The thing about this company is that while they are pruning the tree to meet it's current needs they are constantly focused on the future growth of the tree. So it is more than just a trim job. It is done with care and caution.

Whether you are having your trees pruned and trimmed for safety or to increase clearance from wires, Keiling Tree Care is the best company to choose. A leading company in this field and a company you can trust to care for the tree, not just the tree's immediate needs but for the trees life value now, as well as, in the future.